The holidays are around the corner, which means it’s almost the best time of year! But with that, also comes a bit of responsibility as a home owner to ensure that your property is ready for the harshest time of year.

Though we’ve seen a mild start to the late fall season, as New Englanders, we know that the temps and weather can change drastically at any time! With that in mind, it’s never to early to start thinking about snow, ice, freezing temps (and below) and wind.

We’ve prepared a simple checklist to ensure that you and your home are both ready to brave another winter season in Rhode Island – or wherever you may be!

  1. Check your emergency supplies – with winter storms getting fiercer all the time, it’s a good idea to ensure you have basic emergency supplies such as shelf stable, canned foods, flashlights, a first aid kit, water, spare chargers and blankets handy.
  2. Check the batteries in you smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change as needed.
  3. Remove any outdoor furnishings or decor that cannot be fully protected by a cover.
  4. Remove any lingering debris from your gutters to help prevent leaks or damage to your roof or siding.
  5. Remove your window screens to help prevent snow build-up. (A bonus to this little known trick is that you’ll also enjoy more natural lighting in your home!)
  6. Plan to remove snow from your roof as soon as possible to prevent build up. If you plan to hire someone for this, make sure you have a contact in mind who is ready and willing to help when needed.
  7. Have some extra ice melt on hand to clear your walkways. This holiday season, the postal workers and delivery men and women will appreciate it.
  8. Have your fireplace and chimney cleaned if you plan on using it.
  9. If you heat with oil, be sure to have your furnace or boiler cleaned every year. Gas should be cleaned every three years or so.
  10. Remember to change the air filters in your furnace regularly.