This week we interviewed Patrick Brown, Founder of Surv, your home to-do list partner! Whatever is on your spring home maintenance list, you can tackle it with Pat and the remarkable team at Surv!

Tell us about your business and how it came to be:

Surv is a to-do list partner for homeowners to help them stay on top of the many home projects each season! Landscaping painting, moving, junk removal, cleaning, powerwashing and other odd jobs! I started the business as a way to pay for college and saw a deeper purpose in giving young adults a purpose driven job serving their neighbors in their community.

Something you wish people knew about landscaping:

Weed deep roots, then shallow roots. The best weeding tools is a weeding stick for deep roots and a Hull-a-hoe for your shallow roots. You can only buy the beautiful hull-a-hoe tool from your local ace hardware store. Another tip is in landscaping, everything has a place! Don’t over crowd your plants otherwise they won’t thrive.

How can you help increase home value?

If you’re trying to sell your home (or just impress the neighbors!), studies show you can sell for 2-5% more just with better curb appeal! A window wash, power wash and a crisp garden can do wonders. It also just makes you feel great about where you live! It’s a low cost for a much more beautiful home

What should people do if they are interested in your services?

We love transforming spaces in a short time. We also love helping our senior community! There’s so much joy in seeing a wiser generation have the sigh of relief and joy when we help them with a small project they couldn’t find anyone else to help them! So much joy in helping your community which is one of our core values. To better the place we live. To know to the people in it. To belong by being needed by others.

If you need help with an odd job, visit to book a job or call at 337-8813.

I can’t recommend Pat and his team at Surv enough. They are reliable and dedicated to each job they take on. Give them a call today, you won’t regret it!