Picture this: the sun is peeking through the windows, the AC is keeping the temperature just right, and it’s a picture perfect beach day. You have no cares in the world, because your house is sparkling clean and you took the time to organize your mental chaos along with your ever-growing to-do list this past spring. You’re feeling re-invigorated, organized and ready to have the best summer of your life.

This could be you if you set aside a weekend or a couple of days throughout the next two months to spring clean and tidy up all the open tabs in your brain!

Today, we’re sharing our favorite tips to tackle the annual spring cleaning sprint as well as the mental load that comes with it. We hope you find this blog encourages you to set aside some time to prepare yourself for the best summer yet.

Your home:

Your mind:

We hope our tips for spring cleaning your home and your mind come in handy this season! It can be a daunting challenge seeing all that lies ahead, but getting it on paper and making it an enjoyable process is what counts.