My personal testimonial on the importance of maintaining your home.


My recent blog post was about the importance of investing in home maintenance, and I’m here today to show you that this is something I don’t just preach—I also practice it with my own home! 

Recently, I had my windows cleaned by Luminaire Cleaning from Middletown, Rhode Island. I have 26 windows, and they helped me make all of them shine. Isaac came out to help me, and he explained to me how their process works. 

Basically, they have a water tank that takes from your home’s source and filters it down to 100% just water, no particles. They even test the balance for each job. They use that to clean the windows and have an extendable pole to clean on the second and third floors safely without leaning a ladder on your house and gutters.

“Cleaning your windows can make a big difference.”

Last year, I had Luminaire come out to a house that was right on the ocean, and they made a huge difference in the visual appeal of the home. It’s even more important to think about window cleaning if you live near water, like many people in our area do, because salt gathers on the windows. Leaving that on long term could create a permanent stain, but companies like Luminaire can help your windows last. 

Cleaning your windows can make a big impact, and I’m very glad I did it for my house. Overall, home maintenance is very important, and I wanted to show you that I truly believe that, even with my own house. If you have any questions about Luminaire or home maintenance, don’t hesitate to call or email me, I would love to hear from you.