Our European Trip: The Vatican, Colosseum, and More!

Here’s some of the latest footage from our amazing trip to Europe.

Recently, I’ve been visiting Rome and the Vatican, and it’s truly amazing. To celebrate, today I’m taking a brief break from real estate and sharing some of the coolest things I saw while in Italy. Here’s a quick transcript from our Vatican tour guide:


Guide: Hello, everyone! My favorite place to tour in the Vatican is, without a doubt, the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo’s paintings are simply breathtaking, and the setting adds to the overall experience. I also love the Vatican Museums, where you can find incredible art and architecture at every turn. And, of course, the Vatican Gardens are stunning. Did you know a 37-foot wall surrounds the Vatican, and the property covers 44 hectares (about 108 acres)?


Interviewer: Wow, that’s incredible! Thank you for sharing that. We are truly surrounded by history and beauty here.


Guide: You’re absolutely right. It’s an amazing place, and I’m glad to guide you through it. 

"Europe was truly incredible!"

Next, I want to share a quick conversation with Pinos, who has been showing us around the Colosseum. 


Pinos: The Colosseum is an incredible piece of architecture. It was built over a span of several years, using materials like bricks, concrete, and tufa blocks. The Romans created a massive structure that could hold around 80,000 spectators. The city’s landscape changed dramatically with the construction of this grand amphitheater. The seats were originally made of marble but later replaced with Roman brick.


That’s fascinating. The Colosseum’s history and architecture are truly awe-inspiring. Of course, if you have questions about Europe, our trip, or real estate, please call or email me. I am always willing to help.