So you want to show a little extra appreciation to those around you this holiday season, like the people who make your day-to-day life much easier or just more enjoyable. We’re here with “the official” guide to tipping service workers during the holidays.

But please don’t forget – if an extra tip or gift isn’t in your budget this year, a handwritten note card, handmade gift or baked good can be a thoughtful and perfect way to thank those around you.

1. Au Pair – If you have a live-in au pair, they may be sacrificing time away from their own family to be with yours this holiday season. Keep this in mind and consider a gift up to one week’s pay and a small gift from your children as well. Additionally, a thoughtful gift you know they would appreciate, use or need, is also an alternative. Don’t forget a card!

2. Live-in Help – Consider giving your live-in staff an added tip of one week to one month for the holiday season paired with a small gift and note card.

3. Regular babysitter – For your babysitter who frequently helps you out, one night’s pay is a great way to say “thank you for letting me get out of the house!”

4. Day-care provider or teacher – For day care providers that work with your children, or teachers and aids, consider a $25-$50 gift-card to their favorite coffee spot or store. We might suggest staying away from mugs and candles. Although very thoughtful, they will receive quite a few this season!

5. Package deliverer – Stick with a small gift under $20. Most companies do not allow their drivers to accept cash tips. Consider a travel mug, baked good, stainless steel water bottle or handmade gift!

6. Doorman – Depending on how many doorman you have, consider a small gift in the $15-$80 range. Another thought? If you’re running to pick up breakfast or a quick errand, grab their coffee order and make their day!