How my team uses staging and photography to make your home stand out.

As the market starts to balance out, it is very important to prepare your home well before you list. I am happy to help you do this! Today I wanted to cover what services I help with to prepare your home for the market. 

The professional photography and staging plan are what I include in my listing agreement. If we need to bring in furniture, that is an additional cost I negotiate with my client. In addition, I have an awesome stager, and her name is Devon Park. She’s also a real estate agent, so she knows exactly what needs to be done and has an amazing eye for detail.

“It’s crucial that you prepare your home for the market.”

She does what I call a “room-by-room edit”, where she goes into each room and takes notes on what needs to be done. She’ll send those detailed notes to the client, and then they have the opportunity to do those things. We also sometimes bring in some throw pillows or rugs, or anything to add detail and make the house look good. 

I also have an amazing photographer, Lowell Blackman. He comes in and creates a virtual walk-through. It’s amazingly detailed, and you can even zoom in on the walls and floors from every angle. I also do a lot of drone photography because of our proximity to the water. I like to make sure people know how close my listings are to the water, as that’s a great selling point. 

Overall, I do a lot to make sure your house is set up for success. If you have any questions or want me to do this for your house, call or email me or my team today! I would love to hear from you.