Whether you’re interested in upgrading your space or looking for ways to add a bit of flair to your home, allow these 2024 design trends to inspire your next room revamp!

Curves (in furniture and art): Think abstract, upscale and chic! This particular trend is open to interpretation. Maybe it’s a curved light fixture, or a piece of wall art that exudes character with no harsh lines. Make this trend whatever feels right to you!

Mixed metals: Contrary to what we’ve heard for so long, don’t shy from chandeliers or art that contracts with other metal fixings in your home. Mixed metals are back and better than ever!

Artful walls: Think gallery frames, interesting wallpaper and fun statement pieces. This is the year to hone in on your homes neutral walls and go big.

Deep purples and earthy tones: Not sure what color palette to lean into? Trendcasters are suggesting an earthy palette as your guiding star. We love the neutral yet lush beauty of these shades that make the perfect canvas for a gallery wall or show-stopping art piece.

Sustainable or eco-friendly homes: Think automatic lights, solar energy, smart thermostats, gardens, LED bulbs, second-hand decor…the list goes on! There is no one “right” answer to improve your home’s sustainability!

Bringing the outside inside: Let the earthy tones inspire you! Incorporate house plants, gorgeous wooden furniture and natural beams. Maximize your spaces with natural light by limiting the use of shades and curtains.

We can’t wait to dive into these 2024 trend predictions! Stay tuned as we share more about how to keep your home as sustainable as possible.