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The Worst Place To Search for a Home

Are you searching for homes online on your own? You might think that you’ll be able to save a lot of money by doing so, but you may regret it later on. Online home search can lead to delays, unnecessary costs, and you may even lose a chance to buy your dream home. That’s why today, I will be sharing with you the truth about online home buying and its perils and pitfalls. If you want to know more, watch this video. Read More

Ready To Make The Move? Learn The Benefits Of Living In Portugal

Are you dreaming of living in Europe with beautiful scenery and welcoming people? Portugal might be the perfect country for you. Today, I had the opportunity to interview Miguel Ferreira, a real estate professional in Portugal and the founder of the program “On to Portugal.” He shared with us the benefits of investing in Portuguese real estate and why it is worth it. To learn more about the buying process, rental opportunities, and a lot more, watch this video. Read More

Providence Real Estate: How We Sell Your Home

Thinking of selling your home in Providence? Now is the perfect time, with buyers eager and inventory low. Discover how my expert team can transform your selling journey, ensuring a swift and profitable sale. From professional staging to cutting-edge marketing, we've got you covered. Watch our short video to learn how we can unlock your home's potential and invite top offers. Read More

Valentine’s Day 2024

 These 5 expert tips will help you secure your dream Rhode Island home.If you’re planning to buy a home in Rhode Island this… Read More

Amelia Island’s Allure: An Interview with Real Estate Agent Tracy Fendig

Join me on a captivating journey to Amelia Island, Florida, a place of stunning beauty and diverse real estate options. In my latest video, I connect with local expert Tracy Fendig to discuss everything from the island's Southern charm to its rich history. We cover the various aspects of the housing market, including the range of condos and the island lifestyle. Whether you're a potential buyer or simply love exploring new places, this interview is a must-watch. Click the link to the video to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Amelia Island real estate. Read More