Here are the things you need to consider when selling your house.

Selling your house involves more than just finding a buyer and signing a contract. There’s a series of paperwork and steps you’ll need to take to ensure a smooth transaction. Let’s break down the process:

1. Paperwork essentials. Beyond the purchase and sales agreement, which determines the listing price, you’ll need to complete a seller’s disclosure form. This form is crucial for revealing any pertinent information about the property, such as its history, the age of the roof, previous leaks, or floods. It’s essential to be transparent and disclose everything you know about the house.

Whether you prefer filling out paperwork in person or online, your real estate agent or transaction coordinator will guide you through the process. Any questions or concerns you have can be addressed through open communication with your agent. In Rhode Island, it’s recommended to involve an attorney in the closing process. They handle legal aspects towards the end of the transaction, ensuring a seamless closing.

“Selling your house involves careful preparation.”

2. Closing process. Once you receive an offer, typically allowing 30 to 45 days for closing, the final steps commence. During the closing, you’ll transfer keys and garage door openers while ensuring the house is vacated and cleaned. In some cases, a rent-back option might be utilized if you need more time to move out.

3. Evaluating offers. In a competitive market with multiple offers, it’s crucial to assess each offer meticulously. Look beyond just the offer price and consider factors such as financing strength, earnest money deposit, and potential escalations. Opt for buyers with solid financing to minimize the risk of complications during the closing period. Engaging in conversations with the buyer’s lender can provide reassurance about their financial stability.

If you’re ready to sell your house, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a successful sale.