Today (and every day) we’re looking for ways to help our planet and future generations thrive.

In honor of April 22nd – Earth Day, we’re sharing 6 tips you can implement into your life to make a more concerted effort to going green! Remember, “The Earth is what we all have in common.”

1. Plant a tree. Did you know the Newport Tree Conservancy offers resources and programs to plant a tree? Learn more here.

2. Ditch single-use plastics. Our favorite water bottles are Hydroflasks found at A Market in Newport, but any reusable bottle is a great effort towards helping the community and planet thrive!

3. Use reuseable bags always! Keep them in your purse, your car, or by your front door so you are never caught without them! We love these packable ones to toss in our bags. They’re eco-friendly!

4. Eat more plants! Shop the local farmers markets around Rhode Island for the best selection of produce, that will have you coming back for more! We love Farm Fresh RI!

5. Bike more! In need of a bike, helmet, repairs or resources? Check out Bike Newport!

6. Reduce energy consumption (even if it’s just a little!) The smallest reduction can have the biggest impact – it will also help save your dollars!

Will you join us this Earth Day and implement one small change to make your life greener?