In honor of August 1st, we’re welcoming a new month, known to some as “the Sunday of summer,” with a list of our favorite places to watch the sun go down over the harbor. While we can’t help but feel like the countdown to fall is on – you can bet we’re soaking up every bit of sunshine and beach time this month!

Let’s get into it…

1. A rooftop bar: We’re so lucky in Newport to have a great selection of bars and restaurants with fabulous rooftop decks that make for the perfect place to catch a dazzling sunset. A few of our favorites? The Vanderbilt GraceHotel VikingStoneacre Garden, and the Brenton!

2. Brenton Point State Park: This might be old news, but we happen to love an Ocean Drive sunset because there’s so many different ways to enjoy it. From a family cookout on the grassy lawn to a romantic hideaway on Secret Beach, there are so many different ways to take in the views!

Second Beach: Not a Middletown resident? No beach pass? Lucky enough, once 6pm hits, you’re allowed to enter the beach parking lots for free. Grab a pizza and some good friends and watch the sun go down from Surfer’s End.

4. The Pineapples Club: If you haven’t already caught a sunset from Gurney’s Resort on Goat Island, you’ll want to add that to your summer bucket list. Pineapple’s Lounge is the perfect spot to take in the colorful skies with a cold drink, tasty apps and live music.

5. Castle Hill Inn: If you’re a local, you’re probably no stranger to the Lawn at Castle Hill. Take a seat in one of the many Adirondack chairs facing the bay, and watch as the sun sets over a canvas of fishing boats and yachts buzzing around the bay.

6. The Eisenhower House at Fort Adams: While you can’t actually go into the Eisenhower House, you can park and take a seat on the grassy lawn facing the bridge and the House on a Rock (known as Clingstone