As the summer carries on, we grow increasingly fond of our little home state. Every day reminders about what make the Ocean State so special are not hard to come by this time of year. So, today we’re sharing 5 things we love about coastal living in Rhode Island.

1. Proximity to major cities and vacation destinations – Disclaimer: If you live in Rhode Island, you may never want to leave! But, should you need to get out of town for a weekend, or commute to work, you’ll be happy to know the proximity to major cities like Boston, Warwick, Providence is fairly quick! Even NYC is accessible conveniently by train.

If you’re not much for driving, Rhode Island transportation is reliable and well-connected to all major New England destinations. The RIPTA is available throughout RI and there is no shortage of Greyhound buses, trains and ferries.
A quick drive to New Bedford will have you on the fast ferry to Martha’s Vineyard in no time! We love that!

2. Outdoor activities: From hiking and biking, to boating, fishing, golfing, kayaking and swimming, there is absolutely no shortage of activities to keep you busy outdoors!

3. Quaint coastal towns and bustling cities: A special thing about Rhode Island is that you have your quiet beach towns, peaceful neighborhoods, and sprawling coastal farmlands but in just about 20 minutes you can make it to Providence to take care of whatever errands are on your list in one go!

4. Small businesses everywhere: Rhode Island is a wonderful spot to be if you love supporting local, or have a small business yourself! It seems the community thrives on farmers markets, and small business commerce ranging from floral shops, soap shops, gift shops, food trucks, and so much more!

5. Beauty and fun in all seasons: Sure, Rhode Island may be famous for it’s summers, but you should know the Ocean State is pretty remarkable anytime of year.

In the summer, we love beach days, polo matches, rooftop bars and boating, the fall brings us outdoor brewery days, and the famous pumpkin spectacular. Look forward to snowy downtown strolls and beautifully decorated mansions in the winter, and of course, watch the daffodils come back to life in the spring.