It might be hard to believe, but March is here and it’s nearly time to spring forward! Longer days and milder temps are just around the corner. But don’t let spring home maintenance and spring cleaning loom over you.

Get a head start with our 7 spring home maintenance tasks. The sooner you knock them out, the sooner you get to enjoy the season!

1. Clean out gutters – remove any debris and double check that there is no damage from ice and snow.

2. Check for signs of termites – it’s that time of year! Common signs include peeling paint, wood that sounds hollow when tapped, termite swarms and more.

3. Touch up any paint – whether it’s the back deck or living room wall, now is a great time to inspect every inch. 

4. Check sprinkler systems – make sure everything is working order and ready to keep your lawn nice and green in just a few short months.

5. Schedule air conditioning service – you’ll be glad you did this come those hot summer months!

6. Repair screen doors and windows and check walkways, looking for any cracks or areas that need to be touched up.

7. Windows – check for leakage and ensure a tight seal. This is also a great time to clean them inside and out with a squeegee and a basic cleaning solution (we like one cup rubbing alcohol, one cup water and a tablespoon of white white vinegar).