When you’re relocating due to PCS, a new job, or for whatever reason duty calls – it can seem incredibly overwhelming. From finding a new home (sometimes even site unseen), to a new school district for the little ones, to getting your current home on the market and packing up, there’s so much to be done. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips for relocation in hopes of making it seem just a little more manageable!

On how to prepare yourself:

  1. Talk it out – Sit down with the family, your spouse, or yourself and talk this move out. Why is it happening? When is it happening? Where are you headed? If any of these important questions have variable answers, review each answer carefully. If you’re relocating due to work, you may be on a stricter timeline. It’s important that these details are all on the table.
  2. Write it out – What are you looking for in your new home? It’s a good idea to go into the process with a “need vs. want” list. In example, you need 4 beds and 2 baths, but you want a swimming pool. Be clear and realistic with your list.
  3. Find a realtor with an expansive network – As a Keller Williams agent, I have a network of agents across the US ready and willing to help you find a home wherever life takes you!
  4. Do your research – Once you know what you’re looking for in a home, you might feel ready to start looking at neighborhoods and properties. Don’t let the first beautiful home you see win you over. Be sure to ask yourself: How far will I be from a grocery store? What’s the school district like? Is it near my new office? How does this neighborhood stack up to neighborhoods on the other side of town? You’ll feel better about your end selection knowing you researched it all!
  5. Recruit help – If there’s room in the budget, hire movers and prepare to have cars shipped. Label boxes by room for easy unpacking. PRO TIP: Relocating for work? Find out what you’re entitled to have covered by your new employer.

    Coordinate timelines on arrivals and be sure to pack everything you need (snacks, changes of clothes, pet food, etc.) in a bag that stays with you however you may be traveling.

On settling in:

  1. Be sure you have changed and updated your address and obtained new documents, like a license, as necessary.
  2. Be aware of where your valuables and personal documents are as you unpack. Prioritize finding these things a home before heading into decorating.
  3. Make a list of priorities. Do the kids start school a week before you start your new job? Consider getting their rooms put together first to minimize stress heading into this new beginning.
  4. Try to get on a normal schedule – Though it may be a challenge with your life in boxes, it’s important to find routine in your new location. Wake up, enjoy your coffee and morning walk, and then head into the unpacking!