2021 was a doozy for the housing market, specifically home buyers, and 2022 isn’t looking much different. With homes increasing in value and record competition, one might think “I’ll just wait until the housing market calms down!” However, it’s not quite that simple!

Housing trends are predicted to remain the same into 2022 and it is not unlikely to expect home prices to creep up again this year. While that can be a daunting thing to hear as a potential home buyer, we’re here to tell you not to panic. If prices or interest rates rise, now would be the time to get the best bang for your buck on monthly payments and interest rates.

Even with the stiff competition and ever-increasing cost of buying a home, there are still opportunities to secure a great deal and save money! (Yes, you read that right!) With demand on the rise, prices will be driven up or remain the same for the foreseeable future. 

Take advantage of the market as it is now and start your journey to home ownership to potentially save on monthly payments and interest rates. 

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