The air’s a bit cooler, the sun sets a little earlier…not only does this mean we’re coming up on pumpkin spice and everything nice, but there is some work to be done! When fall arrives, you’ll want to make sure you have the following home maintenance tasks under wraps.

  1. Clean your gutters! Whether you opt to hire someone, or DIY, you’ll thank yourself for getting this one out of the way. Pro tip: Spatulas work great for lifting debris out of gutters!
  2. Check your fire alarm and CO detectors. Though these devices usually have long lifespans, it’s a good idea to ensure they are in working order, seasonally.
  3. Continue to water your lawn! Especially if you are using fertilizer.
  4. Rake and remove dead leaves and give your grass a shorter cut than usual! This protects your grass a bit more from snow-related damage. Tall grass can get bent down by snow and become moldy, reaping havoc to your spring landscaping!
  5. Clean your chimney out! This costs about $200-$400 for a professional job, and is entirely worth the cost. Build-up in chimneys has risk of igniting, a very dangerous threat that is easily mitigated with this seasonal chore!
  6. Winterize your outdoor spaces. Come October, you’ll want to think about what you can do to cover and protect your grill, as well as covering or removing any patio furnishings!
  7. Change your furnace filter before you turn it on for the first time in months!

We hope this to-do lists helps you feel prepared for the cooler months ahead and saves you some time and energy come spring!